Tinnyen's Test

First room (portal): Tinnyen awakens. He has several fully and freshly healed wounds. He is disoriented and lying amidst the rubble of a ruined tower. The building’s collapse was recent and the dust has not completely settled. He sees the remains of a magical portal behind him as the radiance of the runes flickers and dies. He is alone. His eyes begin to adjust and he sees light filtering through a gap in the fallen wall nearby. Tinnyen realizes he has no spells but he does have a ritual that can create food (3 components) and another to remove vermin (1 component). He is wearing brown robes, a blue sash and has a belt pouch with a wand of fire. He senses there is one charge remaining.

Exit: Tinnyen chooses to crawl out and exit the ruined tower. As he leaves the ruined tower a small group of peasant-folk are gathered as if waiting for him. He can see their town in the far distance

One of them speaks up.

“You are not Oswald, but there is not time please we need help the well is poisoned. Will you help us?”

Help or not: Tinnyen readily agrees. They take Tinnyen to the villages.

A village councilmen says,

“I know your tower was destroyed so we offer you this building for your use.”

He shows Tinnyen a converted granary that will do nicely for a tower.

“We will be back in a few minutes with the mayor to talk about the problem.”

Inside the tower he finds a mice infestation. There are only a few but they are annoying.

Live with the vermin: Tinnyen decides to ignore the mice. They squeak occasionally but nothing else.

The Well: They return and take Tinnyen to the well. He sees the well is covered in mold and poisonous insects.

Use the vermin ritual: He uses the ritual on the well, banishing the mold and poisonous insects. He senses someone has done this to the well.

Well is cleaned: The people are heartened by the well being cleaned. They drink and are strengthened.

Speak to the council about your suspicions on the well poisoning: Tinnyen seeks out the council about his suspicions. They send word to the outlying farms, asking for signs of anything suspicious. The council says that three families have had to abandon their farms because of the poisoned well and are hungry to the point of starving.

Feed the towns folk: He uses his remaining rituals to feed the starving farmers. The farmers are thankful and now hearty from the summoned food.

Signs of Orc: Many people gather at the well, having heard the news. A farmer saw a party of perhaps a dozen green-skinned creatures skulking near his farm and looking like they were heading for town. The councilmen say to Tinnyen that they have but three retired soldiers who can defend themselves. The rest have only pitchforks and little else. They cannot stop an Orc attack and urge him to help them. They mention that there are 4 stone buildings in the center of town. One that holds the crops, the council hall, the old granary tower and the tack and feed shop. This is the most defensible places in the whole town. Each of the four soldiers offers to guard one of the buildings while everyone hides in them if you are willing to guard the 4th or perhaps Tinnyen has a different idea they ask.

Defensive Preparations: Tinnyen works with the council and the soldiers, erecting barricades in the open streets at the edges of the four buildings, boarding up windows and putting the most able bodied defenders on the barricades, doors and roofs while the rest hide deep in the buildings against a windowless wall. The town square has now turned into a nearly square fort of a kind. He takes up position on the low, flat top roof of the Tack and feed shop having the best view of the upcoming fight. The soldiers are in the center of town ready to run to the nearest barricade and hold them off. Except for a very few townsfolk, everyone is evacuated into the barricaded center, ready for what faces them. Wand out, Tinnyen waits.

Warned and well folks: The defenses are in place and manned. Large rocks have been piled on the roofs for throwing. The soldiers are prepared. The outer farms and buildings are long emptied and a ready town awaits with a new leader, if only for this fight. During the attack: Dozens of wary Orcs and enter town driven by their necromancer leader. The defense is not shaken but ready to meet the challenge.

Wand on Necromancer: Tinnyen uses the wand on the necromancer at the first opportunity. He is surprised and consumed by flame. The Orcs remain but they are leaderless and most are fleeing. Only one of the soldiers and a handful of the adult males townsfolk are killed before the Orcs are beaten and remainder completely routed. Tinnyen sees the satisfaction of the people before the world dissolves around him.

Tinnyen awakens again. This time he is in a strange room 10 feet high and 60 feet wide. In the center of the room there is a dais 10 wide and 6 inches high. The edge of the northern wall is a silver disk 10 wide and 6 inches high. An identical disk is along the southern wall. He awakens within a egg shape receptacle against one wall. He sees eleven more against the circling wall. Just off of the dais is a crystal chair and a metal stand with a crystal ball, set in it. A shimmering spirit in ethereal mage robes looks up from the orb and begins speaking to him.

“I am Selennelor and I mean you no harm. Though I bear a spirit form it was by choice. When the curse took me I choose to continue to serve and my god, Welexian Svratorean, and test both the mettle of those who fall to night walkers and their good intentions.

You have completed all aspects of the test. You did so it bravely, with the service of others in mind and quite distinctly. The most reward I can give is offered you. You may ask for one magical item and you may ask me ten questions I will answer as best I am able. Also the barrier that surrounds this tower will now allow you to pass. Thus you will have protection whenever you pass this way from the night walkers. When we are done here, I will send you, rested and healed to the base of the tower. When you arrive it will be morning and your friends will have completed their trials.”

Tinnyen asks for a +2 Vicious Dagger and receives it graciously.

“May it aid you against the nightwalkers and their ilk.”

Tinnyen begins asking questions, “Why do you do these tests?”

Selennelor responds, “I am here to find the good and strong beings. The ones who may have a part to play in repairing some of the damage caused by the curse and its aftermath. To find these people and reward the ones who earn it. Both with knowledge and perhaps with tools to defeat the nightwalkers and their ilk.”

Tinnyen continues, “What happens to the ones who fail?

Selennelor nods. “The ones who do so with malice and obvious ill intent face me and are destroyed or made prisoners for as long as I am master of this tower or until I am defeated. Those who try but fail and do no wrong to those they meet still earn the protection of the barrier.”

Tinnyen asks, “Can we renter the tower in the future?”

Selennelor shakes his head. “The tower is now closed to you. You may stay within the barrier but the walls will be sealed to you. It is not permitted to return.”

Tinnyen thinks and asks, “How can the curse of Arastia be lifted?”

Selennelor smiles sadly, “I am not permitted to say, but I can tell you that Altisha Anjounor (the golden), sometimes called the Goddess of Light is the one who made certain the curse could be lifted. It is for mortals to decide if it will be.”

Tinnyen wonders, “Can we renter the barrier once we leave it?”

Selennelor nods. “Yes the protection of the tower barrier is afforded you so long as I am master of the tower and it remains here.”

Tinnyen thinks, “can we bring friends with us through the barrier?”

“No. All new comers must face their own trials.”

Tinnyen moves to more pressing matters. “Who can help LongShadow break the siege?”

“Besides yourselves. Some of the Dwarves of SilverSlag and perhaps other friends you have made along the way will be needed to have a favorable result.”

Tinnyen presses, “How do we get to SilverSlag.”

Selennelor looks at Tinnyen pointedly. “Continue on the road that brought you here. Pass the 3rd tower and continue on until you reach the end of the road. There you will find the great gate to SilverSlag there.”

Tinnyen digs deeper, “How do we open the gate.”

Selennelor smiles, “The Greater Orbs of Dark Warding also serve as a Key to the SilverSlag gate.”

Tinnyen shoots for the moon, “Can and will we break the Seige?”

Selennelor smiles, “That’s two questions. The second I cannot answer anyway. The future is always murky even with divine help. But yes it is within your power, with help available to you to break this siege and offer some peace to those surely in need of it. Truthfully it is my wish that you will do nothing less. Only time will tell. In that you have the blessing of more than just my deity. You are watched on the world’s stage. More I cannot know or say.”

The spirit makes a motion with his hand and Tinnyen disappears.

Tinnyen's Test

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