Tinnyens Journal First Entry

“If It Were Only A Dream”
by Tinnyen

Chapter 1:The Beginning of the Nightmare

One night, I awoke in a hall unlike any I had ever seen. I was told that I was dreaming, yet this was the most vivid dream I have ever had. I traveled down a hallway and when I passed through the shining door, I found myself in a world unlike any I had ever seen. I saw 2 Huge Elementals, one water and one Earth. We choose to first investigate a cave that was near where we appeared. Our group doesn’t trust me, yet I trust Bahamut placed them in my path for a reason.

While in the cave we fought 4 separate creatures. Once we destroyed them, they turned into orbs. Upon investigation we discovered a box into which the orbs fit. Once we close the box a new orb appeared. I decided to try to pick it up but instead it became part of my essence. I am now able to command the elementals. Looking back I should have commanded them to follow the orders of my new allies.

After passing the 4 elementals, we came upon the city of Long Shadow. In turn for safety our group decided to serve in protecting the town. Although some of us decide to protect the town because the undead threat was large and we felt they could use the help.

On the first night we spent on the wall of Long Shadow, we saw several Goblins and Skeletons that attempted to attack the city. In only a few minutes we were able to annihilate the would be conquers. We spent the rest of the night waiting for more, but the protection of Bahamut ensured our rest and safety.

We spent two more uneventful nights on the wall. Afterward we were given coins which were our proof of our steadfast defense of the town. These coins gave us permission use the towns resources and also began to give us the trust of the townsfolk.

Sammeal and I talked to the Preservers Guild about the history of the town and the decline of the region into its current state of Chaos. We taught the town Preserver about a ritual that would help him with his transcribing of history and other information with less effort and more accuracy. Upon doing so, he invite us both to join. Later we decided that it would be in best interest of our allies and the service of our respective god to join.

While talking to the townsfolk, we discovered a rat infestation. So to not allow the rats to spread disease, our allies decide we should eliminate the threat within the town. The central location of the infestation was under the tavern. We arrived in the cellar and a gust of wind carrying the scent of feces and rotten food seemed to go by my face. Before us was a huge swarm of rats. Though they attempted to attack us, they were no match for our collective skill. After searching for the reason for the gust of wind, I found a passage that lead to an underground passage. Upon informing my allies, we told the barmaid and then went back to investigate this area.

We first stumbled upon a Spider that was almost as large as us. It got the drop on us, literally. However within seconds, we smashed it under our heel. After turning to look in another area of the caverns, we found a group of rather large rats and dire rats. Though it took us a few moments to fight and kill these vile creatures, we were successful. Behind them was a pipe that was broken and apparently where the rats were coming from. We managed to seal it with the now dead spider’s webs. Then we placed rocks in front of the pipe to obscure it and ensure that time will not allow the rats to come back. I decided also to leave a message that there is a pipe behind the wall and to not remove the debris that is now blocking access to it.

While looking around we found a few traps, the first one we managed to disarm. Then we came upon a deep pit full of water which seemed to be the drinking source for the town. It was stagnate and would breed disease if not remedied soon. Further down was a trap that was in set off by my lack of judgment. This cause an ally to be hurt. While the trap was resetting I tried to destroy it, yet my lack of judgment on the matter set it off yet again. Again my ally was hurt more. Though this time the trap was unable to reset ever again. I was very proud that no one would ever be hurt again by the trap, however later I felt much remorse for causing my ally harm.

Further in we found a group of goblins hiding under the town. They were ready for us, however they didn’t attack. I knew these were not the same goblins that attacked the town. I decide to try and reason with them to see if they would take a peaceful solution rather than fight. However the zealots in my group decided to just attack them. As a result they attacked us back. However I continued to try and reason with them. Thankfully before innocent life was lost, we came to an agreement that they would leave, and we would seal off the area.

Upon getting up to the town, we report what we found. We also found that for some time the town has been without running water. We decided that we should find out why the water has stopped flowing and if it can be fixed. When Sammael and I became Preserves we were granted access to a vast Library. We search until Sammeal discovered a hidden room. Inside was the information we sought after and a magical rod.

We asked around town about what people heard about the rods and showed what we carried. Since we had already found one with the information about the water system, we needed to find two more. We managed to stumble across one being carried by a tormented soul. His sanity has been lost or what ever the “Purple” is that he speaks of could be a enemy we could encounter or worse yet it could be a little of both. Only time will tell.

Through further inquiries we discovered that one of the rods was used by a man that ran off to go hunt a dire badger. He obviously lacked skill or forethought since he never returned. So we went looking for this dire badger that he sought after. After only a little ways into our search area, we picked up on the path of a dire badger. We followed the trail to a small cave. The opening was only big enough for one person and they had to crawl to get in. Sure enough the cave had a dire badger and some familiar looking goblins lay dead in the cave while being nibbled upon by the dire badger’s young. Though the beast attacked us first, we still managed to out do it in every aspect. It was a challenging yet weak opponent.

Upon searching through the bones of the many dead we managed to find the last rod we were looking for and a lost ritual book of the Preservers. When we left the cave we found one of the goblins from the city. He told us about the orcs and some minions in around and at the second tower along the mountain path. Seems also there are some orcs also in the Field of the Fallen. They may be planning an attack. The question is whether it be by day or by night. Most of the guard would be ready for a night attack, however if they attack during the day unaware the casualties could be great. Also the orcs armies are lead by three dark elves. Whether it is three per army or three total is yet to be seen but seems that there is one that is the leader of the three. After our short conversation the goblins moved into the new vacated piece of property.

We returned to town informed the Preservers of the found ritual book. We gave it to head of the order in the town and he began translating it for us. He hopes soon to begin teaching the town the new ritual or at least those with the ability or desire to learn. We also informed the militia about the acquisition of the three rods of the sluice gate. They escorted us to the control room and then we activated the water system. Hopefully, now the town will thrive with the irrigation system. The disease that would have killed the town will now be gone.

After completing that the town council meet with us and asked us to contact SilverSlag. Although to get to the that city we will have to also pass by the towers and an army of orcs. This won’t be an easy task and someone needs to deal with the army that is in the Field of the Fallen as well. Seems that the choice of which to do first won’t be easy and most likely won’t be my choice. Such is the fate of all that turn from wickedness to embrace Bahamut. Maybe one day I can be forgiven for the misdeeds of my foolish youth. Oh what choices will the next day bring?

Only time will tell.

Tinnyens Journal First Entry

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