The dream journey with The Portal Master

I left this for you within your dream. A node waiting for you to find on your own. Dreamer I come to you now to offer further understanding of the weave. In a moment I will weave this knowledge within you. Linger a moment as I begin.

Waves of confusion replaced with slow understanding begin to fill your disconnected essence. You are and you have come and so now you will know.

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Lesson 2, The Dream Weave, a treatise

The dream weave is a mysterious force that allows a True Dreamer to become entangled with a reality (a world and it’s setting). Their Avatar is secondary to this. The dreamers are entangled with the destiny of the very world itself. There are two main schools of thought on why this happens and what it could mean.

The Fated:

The first being the world’s need for heroes. Their philosophy is as follows. The dream is a weave through time and space and reality. Even mundane universes are touched by its energies. As such, consciousness is expanded beyond the physical. The world itself becomes a living thing, made up of its creatures and places and people. The force of order within it seeks to repair the damage that threatens its very existence. Some worlds are thus either inherently unstable or at a crisis moment that could lead to their eventual demise. The world dreams and dreams its own doom. If it stays within the confines marked for it then the doom is inevitable. Instead it sparks chaos to achieve order. Uncounted yearning souls reach unconsciously outward and strike the dream weave, seeking patterns, souls that will fill the holes, met the challenge and determine the fate. That agents of change are simple tools used by the greater pattern. Those of this philosophy of the dream weave are called “The Fated”. They believe that fate has needs and fills it how it will and the pattern should be found and followed. They are deterministic and holistic and see themselves and the dreamers as pieces of the eternal cog. Order even amid chaos of infinite possibility.

The Changers:

The second school of thought sees the dreamers as the focus. Their minds running on energy and connected to the infinite realities cannot help but connect with the infinite. Even in mundane realities light (energy) have been proven to interfere across the boundaries of reality. A simple light experiment shows that the entanglement of the infinite meta-verse exists and cannot be ignored. But those with this belief say it is the dreamers who awaken within their subconscious to this interference. That they are gifted souls who sense the infinite and can begin to weave its lines. They become the changers, the doers of deeds and the makers of history. They see other realms where their actions can create the most change and subconsciously weave themselves within. They become the coin, the spin, the butterflies wings that change everything. Their actions determine the future and spin new possibilities across the infinite. Even if greater order is achieved it was through the chaotic spark of the dreamers. Those of this philosophy of the dream weave are called “The Changers”. They believe that dreamers weave as they will and should be served. Chaos amid the very order of the infinite.

The Weaving:

No matter which philosophy is believed some truths have been gleaned about the dream weave and those who are within it. Dreamers can come and go from the dream. They are weaved in and out of the as if they never were or always were. Actions they took move onto others when they are gone and actions they haven’t taken are weaved onto them when they return. They can dream for a few hours and to them the world they were in is frozen, hours, days or months later they come back and are weaved in the moment they left. This seems to work best when there is more than one linked dreamer. It is not just knowledge that is weaved so, the very fabric of the universe the dreamer’s avatar is in shifts every time he or she awakens in it. They may have new physical objects. Their avatars be stronger, or weaker, wounded or healed. They are tied to the actions of the other dreamers or perhaps fate itself. None yet knows, and if there are beings who do, they have not revealed themselves.

The True Dreamers:

What is known about the entanglement to the dream weave is that those of a particular universe often recognize the weave of their own dreamers and are likely to join up. The closer the bonds, the tighter the weave. Friends may awaken new dreamers from their friends. Those that come later will dream the knowledge of the older dreamers like they were always in that reality. They share a commonality within the weave. There have been some amazing exceptions to this, where beings of completely different realities join with the dreamers for a time and then disappear as if they never were, save in the minds of the true dreamers. The true dreamers always know that which was and is, before or after it changed. True dreamers initially are reeds in the greater river. When they first awaken as dreamers, they are dislodged from their moorings and cast down the swift currents of the weave, confused and unsure. With time they better understand the weave, they sense its patterns. Eventually they can make subtle shifts and produce great change in the realities they enter. They become the boulder that diverts the stream to a new channel altogether, masters and mistresses of the very water that carries them.

The Avatars:

And finally it is known the avatar is not the dreamer but a projection of them. When the Avatar dies you will awaken from your dream but some night soon you will find yourself in true dream again, woven in. Sometimes beginning again, others matching the power and prestige of your fellow dreamers. Perhaps you will grow the wearer of the avatar itself; learning in ways you didn’t imagine begofe that first awakening. Sometimes dreaming will weave for you a new Avatar altogether. Each Avatar may be a form stolen, copied, borrowed in pieces or whole from any infinite number of like realities. Though the longer the avatar spends in a reality the more in tune it becomes to that reality and the less changeable it is. Avatars generally follow a theme, as such you rarely see mundanes with mundane avatars relying on the technology and science of the mundane world for success. Whereas those with magic are more likely to have mundane avatars with great understanding of a science, or technology. There is something about the opposite attracting the true dreamer that makes it so.

The Unrevealed Weave:

So while you the dreamer understand you are dreaming true dreams entwined with another reality you will come to understand more and more your place within that reality and the dream weave itself.

Note: tell me (Michael/DM) you found and read this (My Avatar is the Portal Master). Doing so will open further powers to be revealed to you as you reach the appropriate level. Until you find this and tell me you have I cannot offer further powers.

The dream journey with The Portal Master

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