The Curse and the Promise

The Curse

“In every place were the people gather in supplication to the divine order let these words be written, for they will affect them all until the age of heroes comes.”

“Dark deeds earn the blackest marks. Elves who betrayed their very people will be cast out, unable to abide within the light of our good sun and darkened forever. Those black-hearted Orcs who helped them will be despised by all and only walk in the shadows. To protect the people who remain from the dark lords that survive me, let no dark lord force submission unto any of the people light. Ye gods hear my cry and act as ye may as I give my life to this plea.”

- King Anjouno of the Estrella

The Promise

“The curse is honored but when a lord comes who rules with even hand and even heart, who dies not of rot or decay but of simple age, The curse will be divided and torn in half. The Dark shall stay forever blighted but new lords will rise again from the free peoples to drive out the shadows and rejoin the shattered lands. An age of heroes comes.”

- Unknown

The Curse and the Promise

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