Sammael's Test

Tower (portal): Sammael awakens. He has several fully and freshly healed wounds. He is disoriented and lying amidst the rubble of a ruined building. The building’s collapse was recent and the dust has not completely settled. He sees the remains of a magical portal behind him as the radiance of the runes flickers and dies. He is alone. Sammael’s eyes begin to adjust and he sees light filtering through a gap in the fallen wall nearby. That is the only exit he sees. His possessions are gone. Instead he is wearing simple white robes, a yellow sash and a belt pouch. He sees the neck of a flask containing a potion of healing sticking out of the pouch. He is also carrying a long and strong metal rod with the symbol of Torm emblazoned on the top.

Next room (armory): Sammael crawls into the next room. The next room is in only slightly better condition. He sees that it is a partially collapsed armory and a suit of armor is on a broken stand underneath a broken table. There is a rumble as the building settles and reveals more of the armor. It is obviously highly magical. The rumbling stops but he hears a cry coming from the next room. It is a voice of a young person, a girl a boy whose voice has not yet changed.

“Help. Help I am pinned. Get it off. It’s crushing me. Anyone please help.”

Go to the next room immediately: Sammael ignores the treasures around him and gets to the other room. He sees a large beam on the leg and chest of a young boy. The boy is having trouble breathing and seems to be passing out. The beam is too large for Sammael to lift directly although it is not firmly set either. There is an exit to the outside of the building on the right being held open by the fallen beam. He can see the noonday light beyond. There is also doorway with a cracked door nearly off its hinges to the left.

Try and lift the beam: Sammael wedges himself under the beam and use his legs and back to lift it. The boy’s chest rises and he draws breath. He quickly scrambles out of the way. But now Sammael is trapped. The boy thanks him and promises to get someone, exiting the building to do so. Unfortunately before he can return the roof collapses on Sammael. He feels himself dying.

Drink the Potion (After collapse): Sammael immediately drinks the potion and is revived but still trapped.

Use the rod to lever yourself out of the rubble (After drinking the potion): He thinks quickly and uses the rod to pry the rubble off. Eventually he succeeds. The exit has collapsed completely and will take a lot more than one rod to dig out from. His escape now seems blocked.

Next room (Vestment room): Sammael goes through the broken door into the next room. The next room is more or less intact. The white and yellow vestments of a good god have been ripped down and trampled and desecrated. In their place are now hung the vestments of a dark god as skulls are embroidered on the chest and sleeves. There is a intact doorway into some sort of main temple area. A human cleric lies dead in doorway. It appears he was killed by other humans and left to rot. Sammael hears chanting coming from the main temple room. Just beyond the door way he sees three clerics in black vestments preparing to sacrifice a young female novice in the white and yellow vestments. It looks like he has a minute before they get to the actual sacrifice as they seem to be in the preliminaries of the ritual.

Brandish your holy symbol while attacking and/or calling on your god: Sammael attacks and call on the power of Torm as he does. Light streams from the rod/symbol and strikes down two of his opponents. At first he is doing well with the final opponent smashing him with righteous vigor. But then he smirks darkly. He turns and cuts deeply into the young novice. She cries out in great pain. He uses it as a distraction to attack Sammael. He is badly wounded.

Try to heal, aid or otherwise save her without the potion: Sammael tries to help her but she is too badly wounded to save. Worse the dark cleric was waiting for just this moment and strikes at his neck ending his life. There is laughter as he dies. The last image he sees is the head cleric returning to sacrifice the girl. His sorrow at failing the girl’s life is tempered by the boy’s life he saved. At no point does he worry about his own life. He dies a true servant of Torm.

“I am Selennelor and I mean you no harm. Though I bear a spirit form it was by choice. When the curse took me I choose to continue to serve and my god, Welexian Svratorean, and test both the mettle of those who fall to night walkers and their good intentions.

While you were not able to save all of those you sought to, you have passed the test. You did so bravely and with the service of others in mind. Reward is due you because of your distinction here. You may ask for one magical item and you may ask me a question I will answer as best I am able. Also the barrier that surrounds this tower will now allow you to pass. Thus you will have protection whenever you pass this way from the night walkers. I will send you now, rested and healed to the base of the tower. When you arrive it will be morning and your friends will have completed their trials.”

Sammael asks for a Rod of Divinity and receives it. Then he asks how specifically can they face and defeat the Siege of LongShadow.

Selennelor smiles warmly, “Continue on to SilverSlag and convince the dwarves to fight by your side. Speak to the Goblins on your return and they will aid you as well as scouts and saboteurs. The Goblins will require recognition by the LongShadow council to agree to help. You nearly have the power you need defeat the leaders of the siege at the fallen temple East of LongShadow. When you face what is ahead you will be strong enough to face what you will return to.”

The spirit makes a motion with his hand and Sammael disappears with a divine warmth suffusing through.

Sammael's Test

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