Lyra's Test

Hut (portal): Lyra awakens. She is disoriented and lying amidst the rubble of a ruined stone hut. The building’s collapse was recent and the dust has not completely settled. She sees the remains of a magical portal behind her as the radiance of the runes flickers and dies. She is alone. Her eyes begin to adjust and she sees light filtering through a gap in the fallen wall nearby. She realizes she has only basic armor and a single melee weapon; on her belt is a hammer and a coil of rope, and a belt pouch containing three iron spikes.

Exit: Lyra chooses to crawl out and exit the hut. She leaves the ruined hut and a small group of simple travelers are gathered as if waiting for her.

Their leader, a grizzled cleric speaks up.

“Are you okay? We heard the roof collapse. You look alright. We were supposed to meet our guide through the mountain here about. Are you him? We found the door. We were returning to our homes from having visited the old shrines and ruins of Mesthelome. We are pilgrims and curiosity seekers not warriors.”

Help or not: Lyra chooses to help them.

“Thank you. My name is Altham I brought the pilgrims here and I appreciate your assistance.” The cleric says.

Stone Door: They take her to the large stone door leading into the mountain. Two of them bear light stones; stones that illuminate a large area. She look them over as they travelled here. Of the fourteen pilgrims only one seems like he’d hold his own in a fight. An older cleric who was the one who spoke to her and seemed to be leading them. He has deferred to her since she agreed to help them. One by one they file through the door way.

Follow or not: Lyra chooses to follow.

Entrance Hall: She enters a large chamber with stairs leading up to a archway. 4 large pillars, strategically placed hold the roof up There is a body lying halfway up the stairs. He seems to have been killed by large chopping weapons within the last several days. He is cold and the blood dried but no animals have been at him.

Altham sighs,

“that was our guide on the first half of the journey through the mountain. He was supposed to meet us at the stone hut where you were. I’d like to stop and build him a cairn at least, perhaps outside?”

Lyra notes that it was almost evening when they first found her.

Bury the dwarf or not: Lyra chooses not to bury the Dwarf.

No: Altham looks supiciously at Lyra.

“Did not have a hand in his death? No I can tell you did not. I suppose we must leave Burress to be devoured by beasts, let us go on. If you came here seeking the Jewel of Tharnasses last king of Mesthelome I will tell you that we will die to the last defending it. Our people have had years of famine and drought and we must get this back to them so that we may end the pestilence upon us.”

Lyra senses she has lost his trust and he and the others are wary of her now. Lyra and the pilgrims return to the Entrance hall. They climb the stairs and enter a waystation.

Way station: beyond the entrance hall is a way station. And crumbs and leavings indicate food was once stockpiled here in a side room to the left. Lyra sees outlines on the ground where much of it seems to have been taken away, recently. A large keg of ale sits recently open in the middle of the table just over a dozen glasses are on the table with the cask. The room to the right has rows and rows of bunk beds and a steel door with an iron bar.

Avoid the Ale: Lyra decides that now is not the time to be drinking and avoids the ale.

Sleep for the night in the bared room: She decides that the room to the right is the safest place to sleep. Everyone enters and she closes and bar the door. Altham says a short prayer and suggests they all get to sleep, which most seem to right away.

Sleep: Lyra joins them in sleep without a watch. She hears a cry in the night. She awakens and are on her feet in a moment’s notice., But third of her people are already dead. The ones nearest the door stood no chance against the Duergar who holds a thin knife and the door bar as weapon. She quickly surmise he must have used his knife in the door frame to raise the bar. Lyra threatens him and a fight ensues. She fights furiously for her life as he seems to have the advantage. Finally he lies dead, beaten before her. She see that she has several serious wounds. Altham calls upon his god to heal her but says because it is almost morning he will be unable to heal her later in the day.

Into the mountain: Lyra and the pilgrims eat a hasty meal and continue on down the nearly endless hall. Deep into the mountain. After walking half the day She sees a large crack to the left leading to a natural chamber. Dust on the floor shows many heavy booted tracks leading into and out of the crack. At some point the wall partially collapsed and opened this feature into more natural caves. Large rubble lies strewn about.

Go on: Lyra ignores the large hole and continues on leading the pilgrims deeper into the mountain.

The Chasm: In the late afternoon she arrives at a chasm. A rope bridge once spanned it but has been cut away. Large stone blocks on either side mark where the bridge was once attached. She sees a narrow ledge below that leads somewhere but likely not across. There seems to be better purchase on the far rock face.

Use the rope to get across: Lyra tries to use the rope. She finds that the rope is a little longer than the chasm. It is long enough to span the gap if it was spiked on both ends or lengthened in some way.

Down the ledge: Going down the ledge Lyra finds a passage. Once she arrives at the ledge she sees a passageway going down.

Go in: Lyra climbs through the crack and down a descending, winding passage. The Pilgrims do not trust her and refuse to follow.

She turns a corner and they are waiting for her ahead and in cracks above. She fights like a demon but is quickly captured. They take her below. More Druegar return hours later with a few of the bloodied pilgrims. She watches as they search through all the possessions and find the jewel. They are mesmerized by it. One of the Duergar smirks at her and pulls out a series of sharp objects.

“So tell us why are you here.”

Lyra holds out as long a she can Eventually, she find yourself alternating between lying, telling the truth and begging for mercy as she is slowly and painfully tortured to death. In the end she knows they don’t even seem to care what she are said they are just enjoying the torture.

Lyra awakens again. This time she is in a strange room 10 feet high and 60 feet wide. In the center of the room there is a dais 10 wide and 6 inches high. The edge of the northern wall is a silver disk 10 wide and 6 inches high. An identical disk is along the southern wall. She awakens within a egg shape receptacle against one wall. She sees eleven more against the circling wall. Just off of the dais is a crystal chair and a metal stand with a crystal ball, set in it. A shimmering spirit in ethereal mage robes looks up from the orb and begins speaking to her.

“I am Selennelor and I mean you no harm. Though I bear a spirit form it was by choice. When the curse took me I choose to continue to serve and my god, Welexian Svratorean, and test both the mettle of those fall to night walkers and their good intentions.

While you have failed the test you have done so with little dishonor and faced it bravely and with concern for the others you encountered. I cannot reward you save with this. The barrier that surrounds this tower will now allow you to pass. Thus you will have protection whenever you pass this way from the night walkers. I will send you now, rested and healed to the base of the tower. When you arrive it will be morning and your friends will have completed their trials.”

Lyra appears confused. The spirit makes a motion with his hand and Lyra disappears.

Lyra's Test

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