LongShadow Before the Fall

Before the Fall

LongShadow takes its name from the shadow cast by Suljon Peak as the sun fades to the west. The town lies directly in the path of this shadow. On any clear Autumn day the town begins darkens at 2pm and is completely overtaken by shadow before 4 pm. The town also lies in the rain shadow of the mountain, avoiding the heat of the summer and the brunt of winter storms.

Runoff from the mountain provides water to the inhabitants of LongShadow. Longshadow was founded on the eastern border of the Mandastarian empire. An early fort of occupying troops gave way to a castle and a small village. Soon a town flourished from trade with the Elves of nearby Greilea and the Dwarves of SilverSlag. Northern barbarians even traded with the outpost during peaceful years. First families of the soldiers filled the town but as time passed more and more tradesfolk, workers and farmers joined LongShadow.

The last Lord of LongShadow was Resti Crellious and his general Mantillis fought and won several engagements against the Northern barbarians before the call for peace. Lady Thea Crellious handled many of the affairs of state while Resti and Mantillis were gone at the peace table. Eventually word came of the betrayal at Evermeet, the fall of the empire and the terrible curse afflicting leaders of all races.

LongShadow Before the Fall

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