LongShadow After the Fall Vol II

After The Fall, Vol II

In time even the remote town began to feel the effects of the shattering. Black Orcs killed traders and looted farms at the western edge of the town. Some land was cleared inside the walls of the old town and put to the till. Eventually the Orcs of the Red Fist attacked the town itself and Goerlin became a hero defeating the Orcs. There were a few people who called for Goerlin to become lord of the area. After all he was a Paladin and close to the ways of the gods. If any could avoid the curse, he could. Goerlin politely refused, instead continuing to train militia. He married and had children adding his progeny to the town and strengthening its resolve to survive.

Since those days life has continued but contact with the outside world is infrequent. Only the strongest of traveling bands and the bravest traders with mercenaries to back them, make the journey between the walled villages of the shattered empire. Steel goods are in short supply. Finely manufactured goods are equally rare. Many arts have been lost or await rediscovery. Even farmers need militia to guard their harvests. The town is a mostly human with a few other races that have settled in and stayed. Strangers are looked on with suspicion but the old laws are followed and courtesy is offered.

All wait for the day when new leaders will rise, break the curse and restore the empire. There are many tasks for those brave or foolish enough. The coin of the old empire still pays for a meal in most taverns.

Adventure awaits the restless few.

LongShadow After the Fall Vol II

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