Gods of Arastia

Terassmachet: God of brutality, cruelty, chaos, destruction, anarchy, might and physical force.

Symbol: Broken, bloody sword
Avatar Race: Black Orc.
Avatar Class: Warrior
Primary Statistic Focus: Strength
Avatar Description: Appears in bone armor with a serrated sword or axe. Black or purplish black skin and yellow eyes. Jet black hair. Covered in tribal tattoos.

Description: This god revels in the destruction of civilization and even organization. He has grown in power since the shattering. Black Orcs, Dark Elves and bloodthirsty bandits are his followers. Where there is cruelty, where pain is given and force used against weaker beings he is there. He triumphs most when good is defeated by sheer brutality. He bores easily and rarely pays great attention to any one follower. His cults are legion but gatherings of more than thirteen followers are forbidden, limiting his power. He rules the dangerous places, away from home and hearth where the mad and primal creatures struggle. He knows no mercy and his followers grant neither quarter nor surrender.

Zormalthea: Goddess of death, disease, withering, decay, pestilence, corruption and the undead.

Symbol: Bleached Skull
Avatar Race: Dark Elf
Avatar Class: Dark Priest
Primary Statistic Focus: Wisdom
Avatar Description: Red or White clothing. Prefers Knives and bone weapons. Appears gaunt with white hair and red eyes.

Description: Since the shattering her undead minions number the thousands and grow year by year. Her followers are everywhere invoking her name and sowing death where life once ruled. She rules the shadows, the crypts and graveyards. The night is hers and her followers use the night against their foes. She encourages her followers to burn, poison or sow disease upon all living things. She hungers for a reversal of the struggle of life against death. She tempts weaker leaders to take power and thereby succumb to the curse and join her legions of undead.

Buhllen (The Bear): God of vitality, life, resistance, strength, fortitude, persistence, stubbornness and loyalty.

Symbol: A bear paw
Avatar Race: Barbarian
Avatar Class: Barbarian
Primary Statistic Focus: Constitution
Avatar Description: While sometimes taking the form of an exceptionally large bear. Buhllen appears as a large barbarian, covered in leather skins and using axes for weapons. he has brown hair, ruddy skin and green eyes.

Description: He encourages his followers to pick the difficult tasks. To face life’s struggles with an indomitable will. Where life struggles on, huddled against the night he gathers strength. He believes where there is life there is always the chance to overcome. His followers are fiercely loyal to their community and to their race. They will often sacrifice themselves for the good of the whole. He reluctantly agreed to the shattering because of the actions of wicked and trusted his followers to survive and overcome.

Vatella (The White, The Healer): Goddess of light, friendship, laughter, home, hearth, healing, recovery, relief and repair.

Symbol: A silver bowl
Avatar Race: Human
Avatar Class: Priest
Primary Statistic Focus: Wisdom
Avatar Description: Appears as a unblemished human female. With milky white skin, pale blond hair and piercing blue eyes. She wears clothing of white and yellow.

Description: Her followers are healers. They heal that which is wounded, fix what is broken, bring together what has been torn apart. They are lovers of life and the fulfillment of living. Their purpose is to repair the sundering and find the way to life the gods curse. Vatella was against the curse at first but was convinced by the other deities that it would stop the leaders from making war. Since the shattering she has returned to her belief that the shattering is wrong. She encourages her followers to help communities grow and rebuild, hoping that her people will one day remove the curse.

Talandra Falonthia: Goddess of nature, nurture, growth, balance, harmony, plants, animals and the wild.

Symbol: a bronze leaf
Avatar Race: Elf
Avatar Class: Druid
Primary Statistic Focus: Wisdom
Avatar Description: Appears as a tan Wood Elf with brown hair and green eyes. Wears clothing of brown and green.

Description: protector of the wild things. Her followers have suffered the most from the shattering, ironic since the curse was partially her idea. She broke the Dark Elves away from their kin for their crimes of raising the undead. She has regretted her anger since but has been unable to forgive those Elves who first trafficked in death. Her followers revere nature and try to live their lives simply. Her worshipers are mostly Elves who have been able to protect their sacred places from the legions of undead and scores of dark creatures who now rule the lands between the huddled settlements. She encourages her people to care for animals and keep endangered species alive for the day when free peoples can once more walk unmolested. Those few humans that follow her ways are hermits or zoo keepers. She remains supportive of the shattering but sees a day when its need will end.

Razoul (The Wretched): God of theft, poverty, despair, coin, ambition, shadows, scorn, ridicule and prejudice.

Symbol: A bent coin
Avatar Race: Halfling
Avatar Class: Rogue
Primary Statistic Focus: Dexterity
Avatar Description: Appears as a bent halfling in rags with a crooked smile and dark brown hair. He has black pupils and is very hairy.

Description: His followers are opportunists. They take what they need and offer few apologies. Getting caught is considered to be a sin. Followers that are repeatedly caught for their crimes are expelled from their secret gatherings. Those that worship this god do so secretly because they are scorned by all others. These cults are parasites on their communities. Living off the work of others. And in the hard times since the shattering their thefts can often cause businesses to fail and the poor to starve. They believe that laws are flexible and should be ignored where possible. Rogues that are caught but escape justice through trickery or deceit are actually elevated in status among their peers. Their offerings are made by destroying something of value or by wearing something that is torn or broken. Razoul is still supportive of the shattering. Although there is less wealth, since the shattering, his people are less hunted because of the loss of the leaders of the old orders and their minions.

Welexian Svratorean (The Gifted): God of Magic, talents, insight, practice, trade, science, mathematics, study, crafts and obsession.

Symbol: The crescent moon
Avatar Race: Eladrin
Avatar Class: Wizard
Primary Statistic Focus: Intelligence
Avatar Description: Appears an older Elf, wearing clothing with many pockets, carrying books, or craft equipment and wearing a apron. he has a pointy wizard’s hat that seems to move of it’s own accord.

Description: His followers are a serious lot who follow the ways of learning. They spend their loves in study. Their greatest achievements are in the learning of new arts or new methods. The god expects sacrifice in the form of obsession in their fields of study over other less important pursuits. Scholars of all races worship Welexian. He is a standoffish god and believes the shattering and the cursed time that follows an annoyance, keeping his followers from their studies and crafts. He has a hatred for ignorance and despises those who repeat their mistakes. His interventions are usually one time affairs, setting a student on an important path of discovery. Or leading a follower to uncover knowledge lost since the shattering. His followers have been called book rats for their gathering of old tomes and scrolls. He regrets ever agreeing to the shattering and has joined those gods who seek to end it.

Ixjilia Layochii (The Trickster): Goddess of luck, disguise, deception, danger, risk, chance, lies, pranks and games.

Symbol: a pair of dice
Avatar Race: Gnome
Avatar Class: Rogue/Illusionist Mage
Primary Statistic Focus: Charisma
Avatar Description: appears in brightly colored mismatching clothes. Blond hair, green eyes and a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

Description: She does not mean to directly harm others but if they fall prey to her games or the actions of her followers it is their own fault. She has a weakness for games and a fondness for challenge. She is the most unpredictable of all the gods and is the most active playing with the lives of mortals whether they are her followers or not. She often incurs the anger of her fellow deities but they are reluctant to act against her because of her ability to get the gods in trouble with each other. She has won most of the contests the gods have devised to curtail her activities. Her followers are gamblers all. They are often rogues or dabblers in magical trickery. There’s is a solitary art and her worshipers are few. She has few minions than the other gods and has been known to intervene directly in the lives of her followers both for good and for ill. She was the instigator that tricked the goddess of death to give the Elves and Orcs the secret of necromancy to use against the followers of the good goods. She has seen the results of the shattering and accepts that it is a game she won but really lost. She is secretly against the shattering but has not taken action to fix it.

Altisha Anjounor (The Golden): Goddess of love, truth, passion, loss, belief, hope, beauty, art and compassion

Symbol: Golden rose
Avatar Race: Human
Avatar Class: Priest
Primary Statistical Focus: Charisma
Avatar Description: A ravishing beauty in clothing of blue and pink. With golden blond hair, ice blue eyes and bright pink complexion.

Description: a lover first. Her followers are devoted companions, appreciators of art and beauty. They are always passionate with strong belief and hope for the future. She opposed the shattering. She resisted it and refused to add her power to the curse. Because of her hope yet remains. She has convinced many of her fellow deities that the shattering was wrong and destructive. Her followers teach that somehow with hope love will mend the shattering and breach the curse forever. Her followers have taken to healing and helping where they can, allowing love to flourish despite the grim years since the shattering. She sometimes appears to those who have lost hope and grants them visions of a better future. She knows one day one of her followers is destined to end the curse.

Kultha-at Freltor (The Silver): God of justice, liberation, defense, war, righteousness, law, discipline, fairness and civilization.

Symbol: A Silver hammer
Avatar Race: Dwarf
Avatar Class: Warrior
Primary Statistical Focus: Strength
Avatar Description: A dwarf with immaculate red beard in silver and red armor. With red hair and green eyes.

Description: His ways are strict. His followers are honest in all their dealings. They are often used as arbitrators and administrators. When his followers take up arms it is defense of principal and or to drive out criminals. Kultha-at agreed to the sundering as fair punishment but only because he knew that one day it would end. He believes that mortals have suffered long enough and new civilization should be allowed to repair the sundering. He awaits the day mortals again take up order and civilized ways.

Gods of Arastia

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