Encounters with Gorkle The Goblin


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Encounter with Gorkle, speaker for the goblins.

The party found them beneath the Truesword inn in a dungeon below the cellars. “I am Gorkle, speaker for these Gobbos. You no hurt us and we will leave. We found this place after black one fell and we hid here. We not friend but not enemies either. We hate the skellies and the black ones. Let us go and I leave black orc spear.”

The party asked how they got here.

“After black one fell I took ez here spear. I saw hole by boulder near wall, lead my people in and closed hole with stone. Many moons back. Happy two of gobbos is femmies. Now we have babies and own tribe. We leave and not come back to zis place”

Gorkle left and dropped the orc spear.

They met Gorkle and his people again after clearing the Dire Badger den.

“Where are da scouts?”

The party let him know that they had died from the badgers.

He nods and then says. “You have helped us again so I will tell you dis. The blackies and der hobbie minions are camped after der second tower on der road about two hours march west from dat tower. The goblin slaves and their black orc handlers were camped in the fields of the fallen. Both armies are lead by the same three darkie elves. I hear dey name deeparasta when the orcs talk about the darkie elves. Der femmies are strongest. Me guess is deeparasta der leader. Hope that helps but me hope we never meet again.”

Gorkle and his people moved into the old dire badger den.

Encounters with Gorkle The Goblin

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