Earth 42

Earth, World #42

This world is not fit for a permanent portal. There is nothing more than a trace of magic in this land so opening a portal from our side is the only way to get in or out. There are many who claim magic ability but upon further investigation are merely charlatans.

There is strong tribalism bordering on xenophobia here, such that one group will hate another simply because of skin color or a turn of the eye, even though they all are of a single race. They eliminated a more primitive race called the Neanderthals and small race of island people akin to our Halflings.

Their universal fear of the unknown makes them bad candidates for further follow-up. The best I can say of Earth is I met one or two imaginative citizens with open minds who might make good dream avatars. It was with relief I saw my master open the portal for me to return.

Vanrake Ustellin Vorthanon, 217th generation, Eladrin portal council, Initiate of the invisible light, planeswalker 2nd rank and portal master of the hundred realms.

Excerpt from “The Manual of Worlds”, the collected works of the Gray Council (Page 811)

Earth 42

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