Dream Power Source

This campaign allows the players to insert more of themselves into the play. Each character represents an Avatar of the player. Each player is referred to as a True Dreamer. They will each awaken in the Hall of Worlds and be asked to take on various quests and adventures as the storyline advances. The Avatar or character is a self image or composite the Dreamer has created. It can be made up of abilities, skills, feats and special characteristics from any world as the Dreamer will have been assumed to have dreamed many dreams. The Avatar is both more and less than the player. The player’s own memories are said to dim and be out shown by the Avatar’s. The Dreamer’s personality is semi-dormant and watches the Avatars. The Avatar is a reflection of the Dreamer but is not actually the Dreamer. There are distinctions. In most circumstances the Avatar will not know things the Dreamer knows, unless the Dreamer has dreamed them with this Avatar in the past.

The following encounters explain the dream power source and once they are complete access to the True Dreamer Class follows.

First exposure to the dream source

Second exposure to the dream source

Third exposure to the dream source

True Dreamer Class (Media Share w/ads)

Dream Power Source

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