Darkels' Test

First room (portal): Darkel awakens. He has several fully and freshly healed wounds. He is disoriented and lying amidst the rubble of a ruined tower. The building’s collapse was recent and the dust has not completely settled. He sees the remains of a magical portal behind him as the radiance of the runes flickers and dies. He is alone. His eyes begin to adjust and he sees light filtering through a gap in the fallen wall nearby. Darkel realizes he has no spells but he does have a ritual that can create food (3 components) and another to remove vermin (1 component). He is wearing brown robes, a blue sash and has a belt pouch with a wand of fire. He senses there is one charge remaining.

Exit: Darkel chooses to crawl out and exit the ruined tower. As he leaves the ruined tower a small group of peasant-folk are gathered as if waiting for him. He can see their town in the far distance

One of them speaks up.

“You are not Oswald, but there is not time please we need help the well is poisoned. Will you help us?”

Help or not: Darkel chooses not to help them and says he is not who they are looking for and he cannot help them. The people sigh exasperated and leave dejected. He spends hours looking around and finally sees a town as the only destination nearby of any interest. Darkel sets off for the town alone and arrives in the late afternoon. He sees the well in the center of town.

The Well: Darkel sees the well is covered in mold and poisonous insects.

Use the vermin ritual: He decides he may be able to do something after all and uses the ritual on the well, banishing the mold and poisonous insects. He senses someone has done this to the well. But doesn’t bother to mention this fact to anyone, including a councilman and mayor who quickly approach to thank and reward Darkel.

The village councilmen says,

“I know your tower was destroyed so we offer you this building for your use.

He shows Darkel a converted granary that will do nicely for a tower.

“We will be back in a few minutes with the mayor to talk about the problem.”

Inside the tower Darkel finds a mice infestation. There are only a few but they are annoying.

Ignores Mice: Darkel ignores the mice and leaves the tower immediately not really wanting it anyway.

Well is cleaned: The people are heartened by the well being cleaned. They drink and are strengthened.

Signs of Orc: Many people gather at the well, having heard the news. One is the mayor who just came from the tower looking for Darkel. A farmer says he saw a party of perhaps a dozen green-skinned creatures skulking near his farm and looking like they were heading for town. The councilmen say to Darkel that they have but three retired soldiers who can defend themselves. The rest have only pitchforks and little else. They cannot stop an Orc attack and urge him to help them. They mention that there are four stone buildings in the center of town. One that holds the crops, the council hall, the old granary tower and the tack and feed shop. Combined these are the most defensible places in the whole town. Each of the four soldiers offers to guard one of the buildings while everyone hides in them if he is willing to guard the 4th. Perhaps Darkel has a different idea they ask.

No help (flees): Darkel decides not only not to help, turning them down flat. He flees immediately. Only to run into the orcs coming in half an hour later. He returns to town as the plains offer him no protection and the orcs have seen him. He arrives in town to haphazard preparations.

Unwarned but well folks: The townsfolk are hearty from the good well and at least half of them make it to town, they carry pitch forks and a scythes and appear ready to defend themselves. Taking shelter in the 4 stone buildings in the middle of town. One soldier comes with them who says he will aid the town as Darkel sees fit. But he ignores the offer and climbs into the tower.

During the attack: Dozens of orcs and their necromancer leader enter town. It looks dicey as the Orcs begin their attack.

Wand on Necromancer: As the town is nearly overrun Darkel decides to use the wand on the necromancer. He is surprised and consumed by flame. The Orcs remain but they are leaderless and not as confident as they once were. In a pitched battle they are driven off but less than a quarter of the town survives. It is a victory of sorts but it will be many years before the town recovers, if it does.

Darkel hears nothing but feels a shrug and a sigh from somewhere. Darkel passes out.

Darkel awakens again. This time he is in a strange circular room 10 feet high and 60 feet wide. In the center of the room there is a dais 10 feet wide and 6 inches high. The edge of the northern wall is a silver disk 10 feet wide and 6 inches high. An identical disk is along the southern wall. He awakens within a egg shape receptacle against one wall. He sees eleven more against the circling wall. Just off of the dais is a crystal chair and a metal stand with a crystal ball, set in it. A shimmering spirit in ethereal mage robes looks up from the orb and begins speaking to him.

“I am Selennelor and I mean you no harm. Though I bear a spirit form it was by choice. When the curse took me I choose to continue to serve my god, Welexian Svratorean, and test both the mettle of those who fall to night walkers and their good intentions.

While you have passed the test you neither did it bravely nor with the service of others in mind. Still in the end you did take on the most difficult of the foes facing the people and you saved some. Some reward is due you simply by the rules of this test. You may ask for one magical item and you have one minute thereafter to ask me a question. I will answer as best I am able. Also the barrier that surrounds this tower will now allow you to pass. Thus you will have protection whenever you pass this way from the night walkers. When we are done here, I will send you, rested and healed to the base of the tower. When you arrive it will be morning and your friends will have completed their trials.”

Darkel asks for a Robe of Contingency and receives it. Then he asks who really is behind the attacks on LongShadow.

Selennelor brightens, softening a degree toward Darkel,

“An excellent question. The answer warlock is a young Beholder, A Gauth leads them. It is the creature behind the Dark Elves and he who must truly be defeated to end the siege of LongShadow. I can only hope you put this to better use than you did what you were given in the defense of the town in your dream. Goodbye little one.”

The spirit makes a motion with his hand and Darkel disappears.

Darkels' Test

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