Barbed Spear of Impalement

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Created by a Sallok, Druegar blacksmith, slave of the Drow for Thasmak, an Orc general. It was used for years in the siege of LongShadow. Then it was taken by Gorkle the Goblin, slave of Thasmak who back-stabbed and slew him during one of the many nightly attacks. Later this item was then given to Corrik of the True Dreamers as a peace offering to avoid conflict.

    • Level 2+
    • Barbed Spear of Impalement
    • A barbed spear with magical silken rope attached to the end.
    • Lvl 2 +1 2,000 gp
    • Lvl 6 +3 6,000 gp
    • Lvl 4 +2 4,000 gp
    • Weapon: Spear
    • Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
    • Critical: +1d4 per plus (barbs)
    • Property: Barbed: If more than 5 damage is applied to a target the weapon has impaled the target. Removal causes an additional 1d4 per plus.
    • Power (at will ♦ Ranged): Pull. Impaled target is pulled 2 squares + strength modifier.
    • Power (at will ♦ Ranged): Rip. Wielder rips the spear out of the impaled target for 1d4 per plus and strength modifier.
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Barbed Spear of Impalement

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