Ages of Arastia

The Age of Fire

In the time of the most ancient people, when survival was the only goal (much as it is now) Elf, Man and Dwarf gathered together for protection from the elements and each other. Fire was the tool that drove the frost from the hearth and the invader from the door. Shamans of all races practiced rites to connect to the gods and gain power. The Elves found a secret fire and magic was born. Humans were quick to steal ‘secret fire’ and mastery of magic was soon theirs as well. Druids began their practice early and discovered the paths of power not far from their wild homes. Dwarves emerged late and never grapsed the ‘secret fire’ focusing instead on learning of minerals and material. The goblinoids came last of all and raided all races, stealing and killing without thought or remorse. Items were crude and methods unrefined. But, young races flourished admidst a wild world. It was a time of innocence. The first war of the races ended the young alliance between the races of Man, Elf and Dwarf. Lords rose from the ranks to lead the people in times of peace and war.

The Age of Kings

Settlements became towns and towns became cities. Industry was born and refined techniques produced goods of wonder. Most races prospered and held their invaders at bay. Elves became the dominate race. Humana rose in Mandasta to civilized kingship. Their pacts with the Elves kept the peace for nearly two millenia. Magic was studied in earnest but its darker aspects were banned and hidden away from those who would use them. A trade agreement between Human and Elf angered the Dwarves and that simmered for decades, when the north froze even through summers, the Northland barbarians (Jestrka) made pact with Dwarves of Silverslag and invaded their southern neighbors. Orcs seized the opportunity to attack as well. Though the combined might of Man and Elf held these forces off, it was only the unleashing of dark magics that turned the tides. The genie was out of the bottle, literally. Fell creatures entered the lands and ran amok in Arastia. The forces of light won the war and began turning to the task of destroying the awful creations of the great war. But the Elves who had practiced dark arts were already perverted by the power they wielded. They joined with their very enemies and destroyed the greatest lords of the age. The last day of this age the betrayers were cursed and the people both protected and haunted by the curse of a dying king.

The Shattered Age of Shadows

This age is now.

After the curse was uttered and the king gave his life to it, the gods met, feuded and fought over Anjouno’s curse. What was said and done even the priests know only as rumor. But the results in this age are obvious.

The Dark Elves were turned pitch and cast from their people, stealing Dwarven homes and hiding from the light. The Orcs split into the goblin-kind and the Black Orcs.

Light is shattered, and shadows divide all. Cities are rare, towns are more forts than homes while every farm must be guarded from the scourages of the age.

In the day the people can walk freely, save for the abominations left from the great war but at night the land is not safe even for the strong. Traveling is so perilious that trade is rare at best between enclaves and each community is an island unto itself.

Any lord who rises to power over more than a score, must be purest of heart and intention at all times or the curse will slowly take hold. There have been no exceptions, yet.

When the curse takes a lord or lady, they succomb to a rot that festers and worsens for each selfish action they take until finaly they die. They rise up as undead still trying to sieze power eventually falling apart or fading out of existance. Thus chaos reigns were once their was order. In the vacuum of power, guilds rule and committees decide the fate of Human and Elf.

Castles and places of obvious power lie unused, relics of a brighter age.

The dead must be blessed and buried properly, lest they rise as the undead to haunt the very communities they lived in.

The Age of Heroes

The promised age when lords will rule again and the common being will no longer fear the fall of night. A pure lord will harken this age. Nothing more is known, for the future is obscured by the shadows of this age.

Ages of Arastia

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