4th ed Secondary Skills

4th edition has a discernible lack of background professions (currently). Until the powers that be see fit to implement something for this area the following house rules apply. For now, please record these choices in the player background section of your character sheets.

Every character may choose 2 secondary skills. (See list below). This has no effect on their primary skills. Nor may characters trade primary skills for secondary or vice versa.

Racial Perks:
Humans: may choose 3 secondary skill as a racial perk.
Gnomes: may add secondary skills beyond 2 but each one reduces the trained value in all secondary skills by 2. Ergo, 3 skills, would be +3, 4 would be +1
Dwarves: receive an additional +3 bonus to one of their secondary skills.
Eladrin: critical on a 19 or 20 on one of their secondary skills.
Elves: can re-roll a missed skill challenge, once per day.
Tieflings: can choose to take 1d6 damage once a day during a skill challenge. They are +10 for that skill challenge.
Devas: can add a +2 situational bonus to themselves or others secondary skill rolls, twice per day from their many lifetimes of experience.
Warforged: can produce or perform at twice the usual rate, or avoid rest between if the good or service is produced in a fixed time period.

Attributes: Each secondary skill is tied to 1 (sometimes) 2 attributes and uses bonuses for these. A standard +5 trained bonus applies as well.

Usage: Repair and production of goods or services can be tied to two different attributes, if a secondary attribute is listed it is for repair (see below). The DC of production or repair will vary by the complexity of the service being performed or the good being produced or repaired. Situational bonuses can apply and the DC of a particular challenge is set by the DM from the DMG Skill challenges table based on the level of the difficulty (see your DMG). Examples at each difficulty level are given below, for each secondary skill.

Special: A critical during performance of the skill produces exceptional results. Such as +1 quality weapon, a standing ovation performance, etc.

D&D 4th Edition Secondary Skills Table:

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Update: 5/22/2009
Added; Anthropology, Astrology, Astronomy, Ballooning, Cosmetics, Composer, Exploser, Inventor, Jewel Crafting, Lensmaking, Mocking, Mountaineering, Puppetry, Sapping, Spelunking, Undertaking

Update: 5/9/2009
Added; Cartography, Navigate and Sail
Gnome perk changed to 3 or 4 skills with reduced chance
Tiefling bonus upped to +10 for daily.

Initial: 5/8/2009

4th ed Secondary Skills

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