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  • Arastia 83

    World #83, Arastia And then there is Arastia. How bears that place a name like world? Its huddled pockets of flesh cowering from the dark light like lost children, cursed to band together but never know true leadership. A great catastrophe marks …

  • History of Arastia Vol I

    The Shattering Vol I

    It is said history is written by the winners. Perhaps, but our recent history is left to us to write--the survivors.

    I, Eltian, am last scribe to King Anjouno of the Estrella, Elven enclave of the Garden of …

  • History of Arastia Vol II

    The Shattering Vol II
    So it was on the day of the signing of the final treaty, an ill wind blew over the proceedings. The rest is a nightmare; a cauldron of dark tides that bodes ill for the future of all Arastia. The twisted Elves and their …

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