Wellin the Preserver

He is a quiet introverted man in his middle years. He is a bit quirky and likely to say odd things when asked.

    • Level 3 Elite Artillery
    • Wellin the Perserver
    • Medium arcane humanoid
    • XP 300
    • Initiative +1
    • Senses Perception +3
    • HP 33; Bloodied 16
    • AC 15; Fortitude 14, Reflex 15, Will 16
    • Saving throws+2
    • Speed 6
    • Action points1
    • Quarterstaff (standard; at-will)  •  Weapon
    • Hit: +2 vs. AC; 1d8-1 damage
    • Cloud of Daggers (standard; at-will)  •  Arcane, Force, Implement
    • Range 10; Hit: +4 vs. Reflex; 1d6+3 damage.
    • Icy Rays (standard; Encounter)  •  Arcane, Cold, Implement
    • Range 20; Hit: +4 vs. Reflex; 1d10+3 cold damage. Target is immobilized until the end of Wellin’s next turn.
    • Sleep (standard; Daily)  •  Arcane, Implement, Sleep
    • Range 20; Hit: +4 vs. Will; Target is slowed (save ends). If the Target fails its first save against this power, the target becomes unconscious. Miss: Target is slowed (save ends).
    • Expeditious Retreat (move; Daily Utility)  •  Arcane
    • Effect: Shift up to twice your speed.
    • Align. Good
    • Lang. Common, Elven
    • Skills Arcana +11, History +9
    • Str 8 (0)
    • Dex 11 (+1)
    • Wis 15 (+3)
    • Con 15 (+3)
    • Int 17 (+4)
    • Cha 10 (+1)
    • Equipment Robes, Quarterstaff, Shoes, Ritual Book, Spell Book.
    • Description Rituals: Comprehend Language, Make Whole, Secret Page 6 sets of components for each ritual.
    • Tactics Wellin works from the rear of a group using Cloud of Daggers. He will use Icy Rays on creatures that approach too close and Sleep versus moving targets. He will use Expeditious Retreat if he must but rarely relies on his quarterstaff.
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Wellin is alone. He has no one but his studies and until recently no apprentices. He worried for the future of the Preserver’s Guild and has busily been fixing and copying books and practices of the Preserver’s Guild in case he expired before he found apprentices.

He is a quiet introverted man in his middle years. He is a bit quirky and likely to say odd things when asked but he tends to know more obscure knowledge than anyone else in LongShadow. Recently he has found both a Journeyman guild member Sammael and an apprentice Tinnyen. He is very excited about working with them. Especially when they have already recovered the first of three known ritual books.

Harl was an orphan and raised by the last Preserver Sarvel Wellin. When Sarvel died he changed his name from Harl to Wellin to honor Sarvel. He also took up the Preserver’s Mantle and has been the Preserver’s Hand’s and Eyes in LongShadow. With the growth of his guild he has hopes that knowledge will once more be restored to the lands.

Wellin the Preserver

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