Sanger Trellius

Fister Speaker of the Greybeards of Long Shadow, retired paladin of the Lion's Paw.


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Sanger Trellius is the current first speaker of the Greybeards a council which guides the walled town of LongShadow. He is a retired former member of the Lion’s Paw paladin’s service. His wife Nisha has recently died and he is quite despondent when he is not in the council. His friends and family worry about him. He is father to Theo Trellius trainer of the OldTown (upper LongShadow) militia. his youngest son is Welk Trellius a current first among equals in the Lion’s Paw.

The party first met Sanger at the Northern Gate. He is the one who asked them to pledge their service to LongShadow before he allowed them entry. Sanger has had many battles against the undead and goblinoids that have besieged LongShadow for many years.

He fought and killed a Black Orc lieutenant who had scaled the walls and made it into the streets. He is known for this and his wise counsel.

Sanger Trellius

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