Deceased, Green Dragon, Green Death (Harak Thatonk in Dwarven), Sealer of the gates of Silverslag


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Thanketos mother of Antharosk. Sealer of the Gates of Silverslag, Harak Thatonk (green death) to the Dwarves of Silverslag.

She met up against The True Dreamers and spoke this before attacking them.

“I smell the blood of Antharosk upon you. Thanketos will make you pay for the slaying of her daughter.”

But the true dreamers were the ones who ultimately prevailed and she met her end. She was cut up into parts and her flesh was cooked and served to the True Dreamers and to the Dwarven gate warders and their warden. Her flesh and parts have been carved up. Some remain with Darkel and Corik the rest is being used by the Dwarves of Silverslag to make enchanted items of various sorts.

Her immediate hoard provided much benefit to the True Dreamers in their campaign to Rescue LongShadow.

1250 Gold, 4500 Silver
2 Emeralds w/300 each, 5 Rubies w/200 each
4 Antivenom Doses (Greenvials)

Transposition Harness, +2 Shockweave Armor, Steadfast Boots, Alchemy Gloves, Resplendent Boots, Resplendent Cloak, Armor of Essence Inviolate, Helm of Vision Unclouded, 2 +2 Bolts of Transit, +2 Wand of Spiteful Glamor, Charm Bracelet, Holy Gauntlets


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