Deceased, Young Adult Green Dragon, Daughter of Thanketos.


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Daughter of Thanketos. This green dragon had for it’s lair the ruined basement of the 3rd tower between LongShadow and Silverslag. It had a following of green kobolds who served it, including Durk and Yook who were vessels of its power. The True Dreamers slew all off the followers save Ralpak (A poison hurler) who was allowed to run into the mountains. The next day they slew Thanketos.

Who spoke this epitaph; “Anathosk will be missed. She will not abide my death mortals. Your death will follow quickly enough. May Tiamat grant me your souls to torture…”

Anathosk had a goodly hoard.

845 Gold, 1205 Silver
3 Sapphires w/150 each, 6 Opals w/75 each
2 Healing Potions, 2 Antivenom Doses (Greenvials)

+2 Rod of Obliterating Wrath, +2 Plate Armor of Sacrifice, +2 Deep Pocket Cloak, Diamond Girdle, Potion Bandolier, Stonewall Belt, Gadgeteer Googles


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