A fey entangled demon.


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Xtrasin’s Tactics

Xtrasin prefers to fight from the air, separating his enemies from each other with wall of fire and picking them off with word of command or aerial assault. He forces dominated opponents to walk into his wall of fire, attack their allies, or both. He uses insidious whispers frequently to cause his enemies to attack each other.

Xtrasin Lore

DC 20: Xtrasin prefers to travel abroad in the guise of a sun elf, with a slight build, clean shaven head, and golden tan with a hint of red to it. In this guise, Xtrasin dresses regally in fine silks of violet and black, and carries an ornately carved obsidian staff. When transformed into his true form, Xtrasin’s staff changes into a curved sword of black iron. The convex edge of his sword is wickedly serrated, with bright red barbs lining its length; the hilt is composed of twisted metal spikes, jutting out at odd angles, and the length of the blade blazes with red flame.

Original Source: (Asbeel the Half-Demon, The Stowaway, Forgotten Realms)


X’trasin likes to hide among Fey. He has become an expert of Eladrin, Elvish and Gnomish culture. He enjoys making deals with Fey to his own ends. X’trasin has some higher contacts in the devil hierarchy, despite being a demon, that allow him to grant Dark Pacts for warlocks but this comes at some cost to himself so he does this only occasionally. X’trasin is wily and is hard to pin down on just what he agrees to. He prefers verbal agreements and handshakes over any written contracts.

X’trasin is very old and became interested in Fey not long after their emergence from the Feywild. He sees human lives as being boring and uneventful and enjoys following and influencing Fey alone. While he is a minor demon he has brought the fall and rise of Eladrin kings as well as changing the cultures in bizarre and surprising ways for his own ends and amusements.

X’trasin is not usually a direct threat unless his nature is uncovered and he is confronted or one of those who owes him a favor or more refuses to do as he asks. He has several imps under his control. Rumors are that the imps were once gnomes who didn’t fufill their contracts and were changed under a horrible ritual.


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