The True Dreamers

The Book of Deeds, Earth dreamers. Eleventh Entry

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The party gathered again on the Dreamer Dais. The Portal Master concentrated and enveloped them all in some form of protection. He reached out and gave a strong mental push and the Avatar’s awoke, with the True Dreamer’s dormant once more in the place they last left; in the Embalmer’s Hall near a trap door surrounded by a half dozen surprised acolytes.

Some explained to the acolytes that they had cleared the mausoleum and it was safe for burial once more. Others concentrated as the True Dreamer’s pushed their Avatars to use new found powers. More acolytes gathered and the party made a quick exit into the early evening. They sought the Council still in session and informed them that the mausoleum was cleared of the undead made up of the former members of the a theives guild called “The Sundered”. That two of the town’s greatest heroes; Thar Darvelon, and Goerlin first paladin of LongShadow after the fall had guarded treasures stolen by the guild. They released these items to the party and were undead no more, free to move on to their final rewards. This cheered many of the council and they urged the group to speak with Thespa about her father Thar.

The party asked about the whereabouts of Sukkor. They ignored The Portal Master‘d advice and warned the council that he had tried to kill them, collapsing the lower mausoleum onto the dungeon stairs. The council was immediately skeptical of this, especially Nalia Trellius. The council said they trusted Sukkor as he had been a resident of LongShadow all of his life and defended the wall and scouted for them many times. They mentioned he was leading a small force of guards and stone masons to rebuild the first tower now that it was warded. They were free to help the rebuilding effort out if they wished by the council made it clear they believed the party was mistaken. The council reminded the group that they were free to choose an unoccupied residence within the city as their own. Darkel wanted no part of this. The council said that if they wished a noble house would be made theirs if they as a group wanted it. The group agreed, save Darkel. The party took its leave of the council.

All but Darkel went to the True Sword and got their usual room. They talked to Thespa about their father and she was both sad and relieved but certainly grateful to know. She agreed to have 3 day’s rations waiting for the group when they awoke.

Darkel slipped off to the gnome house. Were old and long retired gnomish tailor Marlo Thesterfush and his daughter and her husband lived. She took her meal with them and slept in their guest bedroom.

In the morning the party ate and took their wrapped rations. Sammael once again searched for Darkel and finally found Thesterfush Hall and knocked asking for Darkel who was cowering under a table at the knock. When she saw it was Sammael she went with him. The party set out through the North Gate as they had on journeys before. The sun rose higher as as they briskly walked along the faded path to the first tower. The stopped only for a quick lunch and made the tower at sunset.

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As they approached the sight of the Hobgoblin ambush Tinnyen released his hawk. The area was clear. The Hawk flew ahead and saw the tower and through it Tinnyen knew that the Dwarves were at the tower. They moved forward. When they were within sight of the tower they saw figures lying down. They moved closer. Now they saw clearly, six Dwarves and two humans lay unconscious or dead on the ground, arrayed around the broken doorway to the tower. Standing in that doorway was a familiar dwarf. Darkel tried to sneak up and climb a tree but failed and fell down. The dwarf turned and laughed at Darkeland seemed to signal to someone.

Too late the party noticed foul orcs charging them. They were surprised. A Rage Drake ridden by Orc Pyromaniac, an Orc Battlerager, an Orc Terroblade and and Orc Stormfury were suddenly amidst the party attacking from the side and the rear. Corik’s bear, the party mascot, took the brunt of the attack. First the pyromaniac threw a jar of burning pitch which struck most of the party and covered them with burning spatters. Tinnyen was also struck heavily by the Stormrager. The Dwarf reached out with his mind, used his Nightmare Weaver powers and stunned Reille.

The fight was on. Sammael created a light bathing the entire group, save Darkel. They were bolstered by this. He called forth an Angel in the party’s defense and placed it between some of the foes and the party. Tinnyen cast seeds of flame outward and ironically struck and killed the Orc Pyromaniac. Corik pushed the orcs back and healed his bear. Reille shook off the Dwarf’s attack and fought the Battlerager before her. The Dwarf continued to try to stun her but missed. The Stormfury managed to strike Joel who retaliated with acid orb. Darkel used his powers to strike at various foes from a distance. Sammael commanded his angel to stike the orcs while he tried to focus on the Dwarf and urged the party to foucs on the Dwarf as well. Tinnyen brought a shroud of darkness into being and the dark purple haze enveloped most to the party making them very hard to hit.

Half the party was blooded and not one of their foes was, athough the lowly Pyro Orc did lay dead. They listened to Sammael and some changed focus. Reille charged the Dwarf. Sammael summoned a dancing weapon of radiance near the Dwarf to fight him. Corik killed the Rage Drake and then joined the fight against the Dwarf. Round after round they pounded the Dwarf who continued to try and stun both Reille and Corik who succeeded only once, briefly stunning Corik. The remainder focused on the StormFury blooding him. But he took strength from his fury and surged, shaking off many of the earlier blows. The Party sighed but fought on. And then they caught a break as the Dwarf Nightmare Weaver fell unconscious from the concentrated attacks.

All of the party rushed to be within range of their dreamer powers and each began to use them to interrupt his dream and break the connection between Avatar and Dreamer. At first they had little success. Sammael concentrated again and the link was broken, the Dwarf faded from existence. As they turned to face the remaining Orcs they noticed a broken flask on the ground and the acrid smell of poison gas nearly dissipated. The three nearby Dwarves were dead but the other three and two guards were breathing shallowly, still alive. The bear had been holding off as many as he could for too long and finally fell unconscious, one blow too many. This seemed to infuriate the group which concentrated first on the Stormfury finish it, then the ‘rager and finally surrounded the Terrorblade and ended its miserable existence.

The party woke the living Dwarves and guards. They found Gloves of Storing and a Bloodguard Shield on the ground where the Dwarf had been. Inside of the Gloves of Storing were Gloves of Admixture and the Crystal Sphere of Dark Warding the Dwarf had just stolen. The Stormfury Orc had a Circlet of Second Chances in his bag. And bracers of Respite were worn by the Battlerager. Corik pulled out his rope, tied off and descended into the basement of the broken tower. He quickly placed the Crystal Sphere of Dark Warding in the plinth and the radiance of shielding could once more be seen, protecting the tower and its immediate surroundings. They stayed the night. The Dwarves were taken home to be buried. The council believed them now but had difficulty remembering the Dwarf at all and only did so because they were reminded by the party. The True dreamers broke the dream while still in the council chambers.

The party breaks, have faced and been victorious against there first dreamer foe.

- The Portal Master



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