The True Dreamers

The Book of Deeds, Earth dreamers. Thirteenth Entry

Here a chronicles extracted from the dreamer’s journey after they returned from inside the crystal tower. For while they were in there I felt them not. The tower must be proof, somehow against the very dream weave itself. For I had no power there. I knew some had entered unconscious and others dying. One by one they returned the next morning. As they did it became more clear what happened. Each was placed in a cradle, healed and sent on a dream journey. A dream within a dream. Each treated the experience a little differently although some dreams began the same and faced the same obstacles. Here are their journeys.

Reille’s Test
Darkels’ Test
Tinnyen’s Test
Corik’s Test
Jaythier’s Test
Sammael’s Test

The Dreamers all appeared outside the tower again that next morning. They shared their stories with each other. Some were pleased, some confused and a few disappointed. But to a one none had dishonored themselves or their companions. They now had a safe barrier against the night walkers.

Here is where their dreams ended this night.

- The Portal Master



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