The True Dreamers

The Book of Deeds, Earth dreamers. Fourteenth Entry

It had been long weeks in their world since the last true dream. But tonight they entered the dreamweave restless and roaming. I shielded them one by one from the watchful eye and drew them in to dreamer’s portal. Darkel drew a friend into the dreamweave and I brought her in with them. When they had all gathered I sent them together to Arastia to the moment they had left. And then something extraordinary happened.

Time did not move forward for them. They remained fixed. Only a golem moved in all Arastia in those frozen moments. That same golem walked over to Lyra, Erica’s Avatar and scooped her up and took her to the tower. She was beyond my knowledge then as they once had been while in the tower. Apparently she was immediately tested as the others had been before her. Because in moments she returned and time began flowing normally. I find this tower and it’s master extremely intriguing. He seems to have knowledge and power beyond what is apparent.

Lyra’s Test

The adventurers treat Lyra as if she has always been there and they continue on down the path toward the third and final tower. They travel until about noon and eat their hard rations on their feet, marching along. As the afternoon begins they see a large green bird flying ahead of them in the far distance. It seems to be flying away from them. It never gets close enough to discern details and finally disappears somewhere ahead.

Before long they come to the ruins of the third tower.

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As with the first tower they see Kobolds scurrying around the ruins. They see a line of five Kobolds along a intact stairwell on the second story of the crumbling tower, one wearing robes. Two larger Kobolds wearing green scale cloaks seem to be leading six Kobolds in the ruins below. There is scurrying in the rubble revealing unseen enemies as well.

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The dreamers have faced Kobolds before and attack immediately. Corik and Reille charge in and set up the forward line. Lyra shoots at the dragon like Kobolds scoring a hit. Tinnyen, Sammael and Jaythier lay down their various zones of obscuring, light and watchful eyes, respectively. The Kobold hurlers began slinging poison vats down upon the group form above as the part moves in. The two cloaked Kobolds rise of the ground and fight above the line, hurling spears. Corik notes that these Kobolds seem both stronger and more organized than the ones they faced in the first tower. The Horde Kobold front line fights on against Reille and Corik who are both taking damage from the poison pots hurled on them earlier. A Kobold Wild Mage above begins hurling bolt spells fire, frost, lightening and yet more poison, ducking behind cover after every bolt. Tinnyen and Sammael target the hurlers above and the mage but miss due to the exceptional cover. Darkel uses cover himself and hurls dark fire at the front lines of the Kobolds.

The green scale clad Kobolds seem to be near dragons themselves and breath a poison cloud on the front ranks successively. The party is near bloodied and no Kobold has yet fallen. Their resolve does not break as Sammael makes a concerted effort to get to Kobolds above. The hurler’s continue throwing down pots of poison. Tinnyen, Lyra and Jaythier concentrate now on the line of Horde Kobolds. They bloody several of them. Corik twin strikes and drops one and then another next round. Reille drops one herself and the tide seems to be turning. Then the green clad Kobolds begin firing poison spit down on Reille and Corik. Corik is bloodied and Reille soon after.

Corik critical with two strikes and drops two more of the Horde in rapid succession. The Hurlers seem to have run out of poison above and begin using the pots more typical of Kobold Hurlers; fire and glue. Sammael has moved up but all reassess the threat as being chiefly from the Dragon like Kobolds. All fire is concentrated first on the one who seems to be referred to by the other Kobolds as Durk. It takes several rounds but they are able to bloody Durk and it seems to undergo some sort of transformation. Reille and Sammael are dazed as the Kobold becomes even more Dragon-like. The wild mage bloodies Tinnyen with his bolts. Darkel and Lyra get hit by the hurlers and both are on fire.

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Corik is having none of it and uses a bold strike to fell Durk in three blows. The tide has shifted again. Reille and Sammael recover. Everyone except Sammael and Jaythier redoubles their efforts on the second Dragon Kobold the one called Yook. Darkel is struck by the wild mage with lightening and knocked unconscious. Jaythier uses his infusing gadget to bring him back from near death.

Sammael moves up to the pillar and is immediately set upon by three Kobold slyblades waiting in the ruins. The party spreads out a bit to avoid further area attacks as they bring Yook to bloodied and none are dazed by his transformation. Jaythier fires a bolt into the final Horde Kobold dropping him. Reille stays on Yook while Corik slides forward and ends the lives of two of the three slyblades in as many strokes of his ur-gosh. Tinnyen concentrates acid orb after acid orb on Yook finally felling him.

Reille, Corik climb up the rope Sammael has found and finally begin ripping through the hurlers that have been such a menace from above. The wild mage teleports down in the ruins somewhere. Sammael beings looking for him but Jaythier finds him first, landing the first hit with his dancing blade. Corik and Reille fell two of the four hurlers in two rounds. The wild mage flees Jaythier and runs into Sammael. Sammael has been bloodied by the slyblades and now takes a hit he was not expecting from the mage and falls unconscious. Tinnyen finishes the wild mage with yet another acid orb. And Jaythier, Darkel and Tinnyen run to save Sammael who is bleeding and dying. Corik kills one with another twin-strike. Leaving a single Kobold Hurler, out of ammunition and facing half the party. The Kobold throws down his sling and surrenders. Reille accepts his surrender.

Jaythier and Darkel have no success with Sammael and he continues dying. Tinnyen arrives and uses his healing knowledge to stabilize and recover Sammael from the very brink of death. Corik questions the Kobold sternly and the Kobold begs for his freedom in exchange for important knowledge. Corik and Reille reluctantly agree. The Kobold warns them that a Antharosk, a young adult green dragon sleeps in the ruins below the tower and barn, and is very tired from days of scouting. Corik strips the Kobold of all weapons and the party sends the Kobold up into the mountain away from any groups they know about. The Kobold scampers quickly away and soon disappears from sight.

The party recovers and plans their attack of the dragon that will have to come in a different true-dream. The dream dissolves as the dreamers return home.

- The Portal Master



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